Challenge to the earth
Challenge yourself

We are a civil engineering company whose core business is pile construction.
We take pride in this work every day to protect the safety of people's homes and the global environment.
We are looking for your power to help more people not only in Japan but also overseas.


On-site staff / On-site management
(Regular employee)

We perform auxiliary work in pile construction such as operation of cranes, pile drivers, and pillar trucks. We also perform "slinging work" to load and unload the crane and welding. There are many tasks that require qualifications, but we will fully support the acquisition of qualifications, which will lead to a step up in your career.

On-site management
(Regular employee)

On-site management is the job of managing the construction so that it can proceed smoothly. In order to proceed with the construction, in addition to the craftsmen who work at the site, they also play the role of managing the site so that the craftsmen can work safely and checking the progress of the entire construction. It is also a leader's job in the site, where we have meetings with customers and plan and manage processes.

(Regular employee)

The primary business of sales is to develop new business partners and route sales, create and present quotations for construction projects, and lead to orders for construction.
As a front-line contact for business partners, it is a rewarding job that directly conveys a sense of trust.

Employee introduction

I joined the company because I like heavy machinery. But now I feel that the work itself is worthwhile.
Toshihiro Muto
Construction Department / 12th year after joining the company

I have loved construction machinery since I was a child, and even as an adult I wanted to drive construction machinery. At that time, I found a recruitment for Hide Industrial Machinery, and even inexperienced people could apply, so I decided to apply, and I became more motivated to do my best in the interview with the president and decided to join the company.

When I first joined the company, I focused on the work at hand. At hand is a job that assists the work done by craftsmen (senior employees).
By keeping it at hand, I gradually acquired specialized knowledge. Some work requires qualifications such as slinging and welding, but the company will fully support the required qualifications. I had the goal of driving construction machinery to work, so I worked harder to obtain a license for Yumbo (hydraulic excavator) and cranes, and I am now able to excavate with construction machinery and drive and pull-out piles, and I have been able to steadily advance my career.

I find it extremely rewarding because it is a job that can contribute to the local community, such as work that leads to disaster prevention activities and disaster recovery work in the event of a disaster. There are many inexperienced works, so I will do my best to further improve my skills. In addition, I would like to convey the skills, knowledge, and experience I have acquired to my juniors and work to foster younger generations.

I want to support people's lives in Laos with the skills and knowledge I have acquired.
Somrasamy Bounsouk
Construction Department / 4th year after joining the company

The reason I joined the company was that I wanted to work in Japan, so I applied for a technical intern training program for Hide Industrial Machinery in my home country of Laos. I had an exam and an interview, and the president chose me to hire me.

Right now, my main job is to dig holes when staking or pulling out stakes.
I was doing preliminary excavation work to build a pile, and when the pile core was misaligned, I finally fixed it by thinking about various methods to fix it.
It is rewarding to think and solve for yourself when the work at hand does not work.

It is wonderful that what I have worked hard to complete is useful to the local community as a result.
Eventually, I would like to utilize the technology and knowledge acquired at Hide Industrial Machinery in Laos.
For example, there are many cliff collapses in Laos, so we will drive piles and install rockfall protection fences to protect the road.
I will do my best for Laos.


Dormitory facilities available

We have a dormitory for employees who have difficulty commuting.
Shared bath / toilet / kitchen, with Wi-Fi
Capacity six people

Contract resort facility

We provide accommodation assistance to employees and their families at the following contracted recreation facilities.
・ Urban Hills Yuzawa Resort (apartment)
Resort Hotel XIV

Construction industry retirement allowance mutual aid system

It is a system established by the national government for construction workers and is a retirement allowance system for the entire construction industry applied at construction sites and business establishments nationwide.

Various events

・ Safety competition
・ Regular health checkup
・ Company trip
・ Social gathering (year-end party, new year party, etc.)
・ Long-term service commendation


The schedule is as follows.

[As needed]
1. Application / entry
2. Document screening
3. Interviews (held multiple times. Online interviews may be available depending on the situation)
4. Unofficial decision

Document screening and interview.

The assignment is determined by the type of job you entered.
Your place of work is Ota City, Gunma Prefecture.

Within 10 hours on average per month.

The company will bear the full cost of acquiring the qualifications certified by the company.
* From 2 years after joining the company (mobile crane, large vehicle, large special vehicle, slinging, vehicle-based construction machinery, ground excavation, crane operation less than 5 tons)


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